In the drying process the phenomenon of convection, which consists in transferring heat to the dried elements through heated recirculated air, is used. Recirculated air is forced by the fan and heated by a heat exchanger or water or electric heater.



Our furnaces, dryers and cabin-dryers use recirculated air. Only a small part of the recirculated air, determined during the start-up, is removed outside the room. Lacking amount of the air is replenished from the room or surroundings.

Due to this solution, the heat contained in the recirculated air is reused and only fresh air is heated. This results in high energy savings of the dryers during their operation.

There can be used the following heating medium: natural gas, light or heavy fuel oil, hot water or electricity. It depends on demands of our Clients.

Depending on the paint thinner used, dryers and cabin can be manufactured in the regular version (if the thinner does not contain flammable substances, e.g. in water-based paints) or in the explosion-proof (Ex) version (if the thinner contains volatile, flammable substances). Due to the dust, furnaces for gelation of powder paints are made only in explosion-proof (Ex) version.

Depending on the needs, the dryers can work as individual devices or can be part of the painting lines. Our painting chambers are designed individually to meet all Client’s requirements. They can differ in the type of paint used, size of elements to be painted and dried, heating agent available, location conditions, environmental conditions, etc. Appropriate software (soft work) facilitates adjustment of paint shop parameters according to the needs and control of peripheral devices, as for the Client’s requirements.


ZUGIL S.A. offers the following types of furnaces and dryers:


Furnaces for powder coating curing


The curing of powder coatings is carried out at a temperature of 140°C – 220°C, depending on the paint type, and takes about 25 – 35 minutes. As a result of heating, the cured coating is durable and resistant to any mechanical damage.


Furnaces for continuous welding of non-woven fabric


Welding of the non-woven fabric is carried out at a temperature of 180°C – 200°C, depending on the fabric thickness. After leaving the furnace, the non-woven fabric is formed on rolls to the appropriate thickness (grammage).


Dryers after painting


These dryers are used to fix the layer of paint applied to the detail. This process can be done at different times and temperatures, depending on the type of paint used.


Dryers after washing with water solutions


They are used to dry elements after the surface preparation.



Generally, we can distinguish the following types of devices:


Chamber dryers and furnaces


After loading the elements, the device is closed. The appropriate exposure time is programmed on the controller and its termination is indicated.


Tunnel dryers and furnaces


They are usually parts of the process lines. Connected by a transport system, according to the order of technological process.




Cabin-dryers are a separate group of equipment. These are versatile devices that carry out the painting and drying process in one chamber. The operating mode is selected on the controller. The corresponding devices (throttles, heating-ventilation units) switch automatically, depending on the selected mode. The cabin-dryer can be divided into sections that can work independently in different modes: one chamber in drying mode, another in painting mode. It is also possible to combine the chambers into one and paint large-size details. Such a solution allows for optimal use of the cabin-dryers.


Heating and ventilation units

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In our devices we use heating and ventilation units designed by our engineers. They are compact devices which are used in drying furnaces and cabin-dryers, and other devices in which higher temperature is required. The units can be either standard or explosion-proof, depending on the needs. Recirculated air fan, heat exchanger with a burner or electric or water heater are integral parts of the units.